Flexible Pricing

Explore Our Flexible Pricing Plans: Quality Assurance Made Affordable.

We’ve designed a pricing model that aims to cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring flexibility, transparency, and value. 



For up to 500 calls.




For up to 2,000 calls.




For up to 2,500 calls.


The Product

Elevate your call center with OttoQA, where AI meets efficiency. This tool doesn't just speed things up; it transforms how you achieve quality, ensuring your team excels. With OttoQA, you're not just improving processes—you're enhancing customer experiences.

Our Differences

  • Keep Your Forms, Upgrade with AI Integration  
  • Cost-Effective Pricing Based on Call Volume
  • Transform and Scale with Ease: Simple Setup Without the Need for Technical Skills.
  • Highly Accurate with Consistent Feedback
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